Tuesday, April 17, 2018

General Hospital 4-17-18 Full episode

General Hospital 4-17-18 Full episode GH 17th April 2018


  1. First foremost, Thank you Bob
    That Ava is something else. Duh Carly wasn't there because your employee is manipulating her about her son that you had a hand in killing. I am tired of Ava's character is not cute or sexy. Hell she never paid for killing Connie, Dr. Finn, having a hit on Michael. Damn! Killed her off!

  2. Thank you so much Bob!!!

    Ugh, I do not like the actress who plays Lulu, never have. She makes me dislike the character too, what a shame.

    1. I know. I've never really warmed up to her either. I'm sure that Emme Rylan is a very nice person, but I hate the way she overacts. I miss Julie Berman. She WAS Lulu. She was on Chicago Med for a few episodes in its first season (playing a doctor).

  3. I can’t stand Ava. They need to kill her off

  4. Why are people more worried about an old man more than a helpless little girl? Sonny is acting morr concerned about how the FBI will treat his father than what his daughter is going through. Ava's onlt concern is her daughter as mother should be but now ava is the bad guy in all this? Smh

  5. Sony is concern a lot about his Dad because had just came from the hospital talking about him with Stella. I don't think that he will hurt the lil girl if he remembers her are not. I understand that Ava is concern about her daughter but she needs to have a heart.