Tuesday, February 13, 2018

General Hospital 2-13-18 Full episode

General Hospital 2-13-18 Full episode GH 13th February 2018


  1. Wow I LOVE how fast you are at uploading these Bob 😀🙏😊

  2. I hope Sonny's dad isn't heading towards a bout with Alzheimer's.
    Say It Ain't So, Wojo!

  3. What is the piano music that plays at the end of the recent episodes?

  4. Yes, thank you SOOOOO much Bob!!! I wouldn't be able to watch without you!!!

  5. i understand that Jason's/Michael's bond is being restablished slowly, but a major impact on who Michael is 5 years later is that he also had a chance to build a relationship with AJ, yet no one mentions his return or subsequent death, at Sonny's hands. The opportunity for the Sonny/Jason friendship to become conflicted and provide both actors with significant acting challenges is a tremendous oversite.

    1. The writers on GH are not very good. The previous crew of writers (which got replaced by ones from another soap that got axed) did a much better job.
      It was the writers that used to set GH apart from other soaps.
      Why take writers on the soap with the most viewers and get rid of them so you can replace them with writers whose soap was taken off the air?