Monday, July 9, 2018

General Hospital 7-9-18 Full episode

General Hospital 7-9-18 Full episode GH 9th July 2018


  1. thank you i cant watch the first two it freezes my computer thank you again for the third one

  2. oh my god baby James has me tearing up on a nastier note end Nelle already, no one saw Bench the bitch accosting Kiki.

  3. Holy sh*t.. if the kids telling you there's a man tied up to a bed in The Cabin in the Woods, and he can prove Obrecht was there, stop probing his mind with stupid questions and just GO!! Uggh!

    1. I know, right? Especially since Franco himself was disbelieved as a kid. You would think he would be inclined to give any kid the benefit of the doubt and at least check out what the kid says.

  4. I like Nell especially since she is doing this to Carly because Carly and Bobby kept mess'in with her and so did Lulu and Maxie. Carly and Bobby have done worst than or just as bad as Nell (though I think it was up in the air about the death of her early fiance until Chase showed up). Why do Griffin and Kiki insist on talking what happened at the GH nurse's station??? I mean it was at least sane of Kiki to talk about it away from the hospital when Scotty found out about it but I wish but I hope Ava will hurry up and find out so she can deal with it. I am glad the actress and the character are still on the show but something more definitive has to be done to close off the loose ends of her killing Connie Falconeri and her role in Morgan's death but as with both her and brother Julian I am glad to see both actors still on the show.