Thursday, June 14, 2018

General Hospital 6-14-18 Full episode

General Hospital 6-14-18 Full episode GH 14th June 2018


  1. Nurse Ratched is pissing me off. So they marry Kevin and Laura then send her away how does that work. It's been a while since the newly wed saw each other.

    Wish Griffin had pound that Creep Bench face in what a d*ck hole.

  2. Valentine, "giving Peter to Faison was the worse thing I ever did", didn't that dude try to kidnap Spencer at gun point and try to kill him then did kidnap Spencer, killed Nicholas, was probably still a drug dealer, try to kill Claudette whose faith we have yet to know last we saw she was held hostage by Cassandre his accomplice in crimes and god knows what else.

    Nina you found an out stay out run run as fast as you can away from that man next time you will be the one in peril, you can do so much better hell you don't need a man to define you.

    The only thing that work against Nina divorcing that man is that he knows Nina was the one that put Cassandre in the coma, and you know spouse can provide evidence against each other, still ruuunnnuunn.

  3. Is anyone else tired of Alexis after awhile today with her part I was thinking blah,blah,blah. I still think either Franco or Griffin will do something to Bench.

  4. Now Bench is going to make everyone believe Griffin is the harassing doctor with the picture of him hugging a frightened looking Kiki. I bet Kiki will turn up pregnant with Griffin's baby. What's up with Elizabeth's family? Why are Brad and Nelle like long time besties?

  5. I believe Kiki is pregnant with Griffins baby

    1. God lets hope so just because it will outrage Ava I love to see that woman suffer