Tuesday, May 29, 2018

General Hospital 5-29-18 Full episode

General Hospital 5-29-18 Full episode GH 29th May 2018


  1. What is happening to Carly is so unfair go to hell Nell want Nell's ego to get the best of her and she goes to prison to Carly to Gloat about how she put Carly there and they get it all on camera. that Prosecutor is so gorgeous hook her up with Michael, that boy needs a sane well adjusted woman in his life.

    I so want Elizabeth to tell Franco what kiki told her about Bench the Creep Franco will go off on that man for his daughter.

    Bring Hayden Back, Finn world will blow up.

  2. Perfect setup when Liz tells Franco he will tell Kiki to meet Dr.Bench and then Fanco will hide in the Bathroom and when Bench gets ready to sexually assault Kiki Franco will beat the crap out of him and kill him. Or Griffin will get word about it and make sure he is fired and loses his license and sent to prison.

  3. don't these characters record incriminating confessions on their phones? How hard could that be?