Monday, March 26, 2018

General Hospital 3-26-18 Full episode

General Hospital 3-26-18 Full episode GH 26th March 2018


  1. Every time I hear that Russian music I start laughing.

    1. So do I. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 (The music at Christmas was cause for even more laughs.)

      What would we do without our Russian friend here? 😊 (I guess that’s how Trump will be feeling right now too.)

    2. NO, you will have to ask the Liberal Democrats like Hillary, obama mueller about their friendship with russian and SELLING THE 20% OF URANIUM ONE, GIVING RUSSIA YELLOW CAKE FOR THEIR NUKES.

    3. this is about gh not real life politics..relax.......

  2. Hey bob thx for the videos :)

    Wondering tho if you could have one of the links without the snowy pic back ground and the snowy wind sounds playing so quietly in the back ground ?

    I find the background and background noise of the wind/russeling trees to be very distracting
    Maybe it’s my add but it’s alzo really nice having the show on full screen as the characters seem far away with the screen being tilted\ back ground image attached.
    Is there anything you can do ?

    Btw loving your choice of ending music theme at the end of each show ! So nice calm and perfect for the ending of a show :)

    Thx again for all your awesome uploads

    Ps. Not complaining just thot I’d ask
    Thx bobs :D

  3. I'M JUST GRATEFUL TO BOB, for getting to see these. SNOWY BACKGROUND OR NOT.