Thursday, March 22, 2018

General Hospital 3-22-18 Full episode

General Hospital 3-22-18 Full episode GH 22nd March 2018


  1. Shut up, Carly!!! Just.....SHUT UP! Mind your own freakin' business and quit trying to control everyone around you - including a grown woman you barely know. God, I can't stand her. I'm so glad that at least somebody finally told her to mind her own business - in a much nicer way than she deserved.

  2. Thanks BOb
    Andre is trying push A GILF to be with a younger man. Ain't that something!
    Sam is crushing it with that "We need talk" Killing it!
    Hopefully Carly has camera of some sort of surveillance near or in her office.

  3. Crazy to see carly talking to ..well, carly. lol