Tuesday, July 26, 2016

General Hospital 7-26-16 Full episode

General Hospital 7-26-16 Full episode

General Hospital 7-26-16 (26th July 2016) gh-15


  1. I started watching GH back when Luke and Laura first got together(dating myself I guess). lol- Stopped watching after Luke and Laura got married (had to work and didn't have Internet to catch up on show). Started watching again a few years ago with my aunt who is now passed away in March of this year.I am hooked again and determined to keep up with this show sort of as a memorial to my aunt who watched it faithfully for all of her life. Probably for as long as show has been in existence. She was well over 80 years when she passed. GOD BLESS HER SOUL! I miss shows now and then and am so grateful for the opportunity to get caught up via this site. So,for mine and my aunts sake(whom I believe watches from Heaven vicariously thru me)we thank you for your time and effort in giving me a place to keep up. Please keep up the great work and my you be blessed for all you do!!! SINCERELY, L.A.JOHNSTON